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Transcend Building Design and Services, is a professional company situated in Hallam who strive to provide our clients with exceptional customer service and a passion for innovative design.


We pride ourselves in ensuring creative and appropriate design solutions for every individual job. Specialising in a vast variety of the building industry, we offer a range of   services in the building design sector which are tailored to our clients needs.

At Transcend Building Design and Services, we handle each application and undertake all dealings with councils, to obtain building permits and town planning permits, on your behalf. We follow the project through the relevant permits making the process as easy as possible for you The end result is an efficient and convenient service that delivers exceptional results, every time!

Our services extend to a vast range of clients such as first home owners, builders, developers & real estate agents, Using the latest 3D software to easily allow the client to have a better understanding of their project.


We provide a complete service to the client with all of our professional licensed building practitioners.


Transcend Building Design & Services is a registered building practitioner company, and a member of the BDAV building Designers Association Of Victoria, Master Builder Member and a Certified Energy Rater.


Transcend Building Design & Services is proud of all our projects and enjoy the design journey with all of our clients from the first design to obtaining all the required permits.